Register at CACC


Go to MyCACC (

  1. Click “Enter Secure Area
  2. Type your User ID and Pin, and Click the login button
    •  USER ID: C number, 9 digits beginning with a C. Example: C12345678. IMPORTANT: “C” must be capitalized
    • When logging in for the first time, your ID will be your 6 digit date of birth (MMDDYY).  It must be changed by user when logging in first time.  It can be any combination of letters and numbers.
    • You will be prompted to create a security question.  This will be used if you forget your PIN at a later date.
    •  If you have logged in previously and changed your PIN but cannot remember it, click on Forgot PIN
  3. Click on Student tab
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Look up classes
  6. Select the appropriate term. Click Submit
  7. To search for classes:
    • Simply select the Subject and click Course Search
    • Click Advanced Search for more search criteria
  8. To register for a class, select the check box in front of the CRN (Course Reference Number), and click Register at the bottom of screen.
    1. If you know the CRN of the class for which you want to register, you may add them in the Add Classes Worksheet area
  9. Click Submit Changes
  10. Classes can be dropped from this page by clicking on the drop down menu under Action field.  Select “Drop Class via Web” from the drop down to drop class.
  11. (Once registration has ended, students must come to Student Services to drop a class).
  12. This screen will assist with any registration errors. The red circle with an X will inform you that you have encountered a registration error.  You will need to search for a new class or go to Student Services to get the appropriate registration override.
  13. Students must come to Student Services to Totally Withdraw from ALL classes.
  14. Under the Registration tab, click Student Detail Schedule.
  15. With the schedule showing, right click and print.
  16. To check your class schedule balance – follow the steps below:
    • Log In
    • Click on Student Tab
    • Click on Student Record
    • Select Semester and click Submit
    • Click on Account Detail for Term and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.  If financial aid has been awarded and authorized, an updated balance will be seen at the bottom of the screen.
    • If this screen reflects a balance of more than $0.00, you must pay out-of-pocket or be confirmed in financial aid in accordance with each semester/term’s published Tuition Due Date.  Failure to adhere to the Tuition Due Date schedule will result in deletion from all registered courses.

I have read the above information and I would like to continue to Web Registration.

Please click on MyCACC to continue to Web Registration.