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July 27, 2016

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(Please note that passwords cannot be reset during 'Live' chat sessions)

Central Alabama Community College began using the Ellucian Central Help Desk (CHD) on Monday, September 30.  The CHD will provide 24 hour coverage seven days a week for all IT requests, including PC issues, printing, network, and Banner user requests. To ensure that requests are given appropriate priority, users must consistently use the CHD. The use of the CHD will improve communication and the allocation of IT resources toward early resolution of IT issues.  Users may create a help desk ticket via the following means:


CHD Phone  Number:                                    855.343.9166

Local CHD Phone Number:                           4357 (HELP) or 256.215.4357

CHD Email Address:                             



Schedule Disclaimer

Central Alabama Community College reserves the right to change the instructor on any course or courses on the Fall Schedule.

Textbook Information

Textbook information is available on the CACC Bookstore website. Students may access textbook information at

Interactive Distance Learning Courses

Interactive Distance Learning courses are taught from one site and remotely transmitted to another site. Through the use of the remote system, students can interact with other students and the instructor. Students registered in an Interactive Distance Learning course are required to attend the course at the designated meeting times.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses blend face-to-face traditional classroom instruction with an online learning environment. The degree to which a hybrid course utilizes face-to-face traditional classroom instruction and an online learning environment varies depending on the course. This combination of instructional delivery methods results in a significant portion of the course learning being offered online and reduces the amount of classroom seat time.

Course Load

According to the Central Alabama Community College 2012-2013 Catalog, the course load for a first-time student will be 12 to 19 credit hours per semester. The minimum course load required to be classified as a regular full-time student is 12 semester hours. The most typical load is 16 to 19 credit hours, which results in normal progress toward graduation within two years. A student shall be permitted to take more than 19 semester hours only with the permission of the Dean/Associate Dean of Instruction. Prior approval should be obtained by completing a Request for Overload Approval form available from the counselor. A student may take no more than 24 semester hours in any one term for any reason.

The site offers free tutoring in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English for Grades K3-12, College Intro, and Adult Learners.

Tutors are available live from 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm Sunday - Thursday.  A SkillsCenter Resource Library is available 24/7.

**HomeworkAlabama is a statewide effort made possible by the State Library of Alabama (APLS) through local public libraries, with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through their Library Services and Technology Act grant program as well as state funds requested by Governor Riley and appropriated by the State Legislature specifically for this program.**


*Summer 2016 Semester*
*Student ID Schedule*

Central Alabama Community College will begin making student identification (ID) cards for new students enrolling in the Summer 2016 Semester during the months of May and June. Students should plan to have their ID made on the campus where they enrolled in courses for the summer term. In addition, students should present their driver's license or picture ID, and a copy of their printed class schedule in order to have their IDs made.

Click the link below to view the schedule.

Summer 2016 ID SCHEDULE


ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED AT THE COLLEGE ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A STUDENT ID AND SHOULD PLAN TO HAVE THEIR ID MADE DURING THE TIMES ADVERTISED ON THE SCHEDULE. No other make up times will be available. In addition, students should present their driver's license or picture ID, and a copy of their printed class schedule in order to have their IDs made. For more information and the Summer 2016 schedule, please click here.

The IDs are not only good for identifying you as a CACC student, but for discounts at restaurants, stores and other venues that provide discounts to students.

The fines for parking and other violations increased on Monday, 08-23-10. The new fines are as follows:
  • No Decal:  $20.00
  • Expired Decal:  $20.00
  • Decal Not Properly Displayed:  $20.00
  • Student in Faculty Space or Lot:  $20.00
  • Overline - Taking Two Spaces:  $20.00
  • No Parking area (yellow curb, Grass, sidewalk, etc.):    $20.00
  • Driving wrong way in a one way area:  $20.00
  • Illegal Handicap Parking:  $40.00
  • Exceeding the speed limit:   $40.00
  • Disregarding Stop Sign:  $40.00

Also note that the Blue parking decals are now expired. New decals are available in the Library. You must have your schedule, tag number, and your Drivers License to get a new Yellow decal. 

Security Office Telephone Numbers

Alexander City - (256) 596-1611  OR   (256) 307-5368
Childersburg  (334) 321-1644
Talladaga  (256) 480-206

Withdrawal Policy:

Any student involved in an incident such as, but not limited to, unsatisfactory clinical performance; a proven form of academic dishonesty, for example blatant plagiarism; etc. will receive the grade of “F” in the course where the incident occurred.  The “F” will be assigned in the instructor’s grade book/grade sheet on the day the incident occurred, but will not be posted until the end of the semester to the student’s transcript.  The student will not be allowed to withdraw anytime after the incident even if the incident occurs prior to the College’s published withdrawal date .  This policy supersedes the College’s withdrawal policy if such an incident occurs.





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Alexander City Campus
1675 Cherokee Rd

Alexander City, AL 35010
Fax: 256-215-4244

Childersburg Campus
34091 US Highway 280
Childersburg, AL 35044
Fax: 256-378-2027
Talladega Center
1009 South Street East
Talladega, AL 35160
Fax: 256-480-2081

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