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** If you are having issues logging into MyCACC – and you are using Internet Explorer – try using another browser; ie FIREFOX or CHROME. **
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The CACC Central Help Desk provides 24 hour coverage seven days a week for all IT requests, including PC issues, printing, network, and Banner user requests.  Consistent use of the Central Help Desk improves communication and the allocation of IT resources toward early resolution of IT issues.  Users may create a help desk ticket via the following means:

CHD Phone  Number:                                    855.343.9166

Local CHD Phone Number:                           4357 (HELP) or 256.215.4357

CHD Email Address:                             

CACC Email Help

Accessing CACC Student Email

Please see the example below for instructions on how to access your CACC Email account for the first time.
All new student email accounts will be created by the first day of the semester.
They will NOT be created before then.   


To retrieve your new “MY CACC” username, you must log in to MY CACC. Once you have logged in to My CACC, click on the Personal Information tab and select the box labeled View Email Addresses. On the page displayed, you will find your new student email address. The first section of the address is your USERNAME. For example: the email address will have a USERNAME of jdoe01.

To access MY CACC, click the logo below:




The letters “cacc” + last four digits of your SSN

Example, John Doe whose email address is and has a SSN of 123456789 would use:

Username: jdoe01 (Do not include the with the username)

Password: cacc6789

  • After you’ve logged in for the first time you will be required to change your password.
  • Make sure you remember the password you create.
  • The IT department cannot access these passwords.  The IT department can reset your password,
    but once it has been reset, you can never use the old password again for your CACC accounts. This is a Google policy and cannot be changed.

Most common reasons users cannot login to their student email accounts:

1. New students trying to access their account prior to the start of the term.This includes returning students who were not enrolled in the most recent semester. Please wait until the semester begins to try accessing your email.

2. Including the with your username. The login box will not accept characters such as spaces and symbols.

3. Using the name you go by rather than your first name. Some students go by their middle name. For email purposes you must use your First Name initial.