Internet Classes

The college will be offering many courses through online instruction.

Online courses require maturity and a strong sense of responsibility. Course requirements mirror requirements in traditional classrooms. Successful completion will require five or more hours of work per week, per class.

Students enrolled in an internet course must have internet access and an active CACC e‐mail address. All correspondence in the course must be done through Moodle messaging or your CACC e‐mail account. Instructors will not open e‐mails from outside accounts.

All internet courses require at least two in‐person graded activities. Students will be required to come to campus and show a valid photo ID in order to complete these activities. With permission from the instructor, a student who for verified reasons cannot come to campus may utilize a professional proctoring service. However, the student will be responsible for all costs associated with the proctoring service.

For a list of web-based courses, check the New MyCacc page.

 Access Moodle

USERNAME: The username is the first part of your CACCMail e-mail address (the part before the This can be found in the personal information section of MYCACC. Detailed instructions on how to find your e‐mail address can be found on the front page of Moodle and on the college website.

PASSWORD: The password is the same as your PIN that you used to sign into MyCACC. If you have updated your PIN in MyCACC, the new PIN will be your Moodle password.

To Access CACCMail (Student email account)

USERNAME: The username is the first part of your CACCMail e‐mail address (same username as Moodle)

PASSWORD: The password is cacc#### where the #### = the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. (If John Doe has a SS# 123‐45‐6789, his password would be cacc6789.

To login to Moodle – Go to the following web address:

To login to CACCMail – Go to the following web address:

Internet Attendance Policy

Attendance in an Online Course

All students enrolled in online courses must log onto each of their Moodle courses and complete the Orientation Assessment by the posted deadline. Students who fail to complete the orientation assessment by the posted deadline will be dropped from their classes. Students who have been dropped from a class or classes will not be reinstated unless there is a verifiable error made by the college. Please refer to the College Catalog for additional information regarding the Attendance Policy.

Each student is given a distinct CACC e‐mail address and Moodle account that is password‐protected. Students should not share usernames and passwords with anyone. Student grades will not be posted publicly. Grades are posted securely in the Moodle grade book.

If you forget your MyCACC PIN, or need to have your e‐mail password reset, you should contact the CACC Help Desk. A link with information about the Help Desk is located on the front page of the College website.