Last year Bailey was getting accustomed to many changes from his home in Australia to life in the southeastern United States. Bailey had a stellar junior golf career and I am certain that his past experiences as a junior player will pay dividends in his game this coming year. Bermuda grass is not easy to adjust to but things are coming around. Expect to see Bailey on the road with the Trojans much more this year.

Why I chose CACC

Choosing CACC golf was a big moment for me. When I started playing golf I was 13 or 14 years old and I decided that American College golf was the thing to do for me to develop my game. Australia does not provide the options in competitive golf that America does. When I graduated from school I figured taking a year off would be the perfect way to work on my game and get some results in order to play college golf. I started looking into college recruiting at the end of 2015 and I went with what I thought would be the best option, so here I am.