As a junior golfer, Caleb made a pretty strong impact. This young man is a fighter This past year, Caleb has grown about 5 inches and things have changed dramatically in his swing. However, he has adjusted well and is beginning to fire on all cylinders. Caleb had a few wins in his HS senior year and in junior events this past year and I feel confident that he will make a strong & positive impact on CACC Golf.

Why I chose CACC

Ever since I first started playing golf, Central Alabama was where I’ve always planned to go. When I was really young Coach Jennings said I could come play for him, and I worked on my game and got good enough to come to compete for CACC and him. My brother John Michael had won a National Championship in 2013 here, and of course I wanted to be just like him. I also came to CACC to develop my game to where I could move up to the D1 level, while keeping my schoolwork a number one priority. Without a doubt, our practice facility and home course, Willow Point Country Club, is one of the best in the nation and I believe it can carry me to the next level.