Carter comes to CACC referred by PGA Tour Professional Will Claxton. Will mentioned that he had never seen one person improve so much in such a short period of time. In his freshmen year, Carter was getting accustomed to many big changes in his golf game. He needed to hit the ball further and with more control. He is with no question the hardest working golfer on the team. Carter has come a long way and will make a number of appearances in this year’s travel teams. Once his full-swing game catches up to his pro-like short game and putting skills, there won’t be anything to hold Carter back!

Why I chose CACC

I chose to attend Central Alabama for golf because of the school’s history. There have been many players from CACC to play golf on the PGA tour. I also wanted to come here to win a national championship, which the school has done many times before. Also, playing and practicing at Willow Point isn’t too bad either.