I met Noah late in the recruiting stages of last year but he is proving to be a fortunate find for Trojan Golf Team. Noah played #1 for his high school last year and I feel he will work his way towards the top of our traveling team before his 2 years are through. Noah is a competitive athlete who enjoys conditioning and competing. He loves a challenge and meets it head on.

Why I chose CACC

I chose to attend CACC to be a part of something larger then myself. I knew that in coming to CACC that I would be a part of one of the best golf programs in the country. Also, I knew that I could not beat the education I would receive at CACC. I believed that Coach Jennings would do all he could to put my name out there to universities so that I might have a chance to play at a great four year university after my 2 years here. Last, I knew that coming to CACC would become an unforgettable time in my life and I might cherish for the rest of my life.