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Central Alabama Community College Gratefully Acknowledges Support from Representative Jerry Starnes


Central Alabama Community College Gratefully Acknowledges Support from Representative Jerry Starnes

Central Alabama Community College Gratefully Acknowledges Support from Representative Jerry Starnes

PRATTVILLE, AL – October 26, 2023 – Central Alabama Community College (CACC) is delighted to announce the receipt of a generous contribution from an esteemed local legislator, Representative Jerry Starnes, who has contributed $15,000 to support the college’s mission and vision.

This contribution underscores the robust partnership between CACC and Representative Starnes, emphasizing our mutual commitment to providing high-caliber academic offerings and training to the communities we serve. Such support enables CACC to further its dedication to excellence in education and workforce development.

“We are deeply grateful to Representative Starnes for his tireless support,” said CACC President Jeff Lynn. “His contribution reflects his belief in our mission and his commitment to the betterment of our community. This support will undoubtedly help us continue to offer top-tier academic and training programs to our students.”

CACC is fortunate to have legislators like Representative Starnes who recognize community colleges’ pivotal role in their constituencies. His understanding and support ensure that CACC remains an economic driver, positively impacting the areas we serve.

CACC Director of Government Affairs Scott Hardy expressed his excitement, stating, “Witnessing the ongoing partnership and support from legislators like Representative Starnes is truly heartening. His contribution reinforces the importance of community colleges in our region. We are deeply thankful for his vision and commitment to our institution and the communities we serve.”

President Lynn added, “The generosity of legislators like Representative Starnes strengthens our programs and reinforces the trust and collaboration between CACC and the community. Their dedication inspires us and ensures that every dollar is utilized to enhance the educational experience for our students and further our commitment to community engagement.”

Representative Jerry Starnes remarked, “I am proud that we have a first-class education facility like CACC. Our District 88 communities are benefiting greatly from the talented and well-prepared students we see coming out of CACC. I am hopeful that these funds will assist in a continued effort to improve and build upon the development of a strong workforce in and around District 88 and the River Region.”

Central Alabama Community College remains dedicated to facilitating partnerships that enhance the quality of education and training provided to students. With the support of dedicated legislators like Representative Starnes, CACC is poised to continue its legacy of excellence.

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