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Educational Talent Search

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Educational Talent Search

Educational Talent Search is a federally funded TRIO Program that identifies and assists qualified youth to succeed in higher education. The program's objectives are:

  • Non-senior participants will complete the current academic year
  • Senior academic participants will complete their studies and graduate high school
  • Student participants will enroll in an institution of higher education post high school
  • Students will complete a program of postsecondary education within six years

ETS also provides the following at NO COST to you…

  • College Success Seminars
  • College Preparation Advising
  • College Tours
  • Enrichment Traveling
  • Cultural Traveling
  • Mentoring
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Financial Literacy Advising

The acceptance requirements are as follows:

  1. You must meet the taxable income eligibility
  2. You must be the first person in your family who intend to go to college (first-generation)

We serve the following schools in our area:

  • B. Comer Memorial High School
  • Benjamin Russell High School
  • Central High School of Coosa County
  • Childersburg High School
  • Central High School of Clay County
  • Dadeville High School
  • Lincoln High School
  • Sylacauga High School
  • Reeltown High School
  • Winterboro High School
  • Talladega County Central High School
  • Horsehoe Bend High School

How to become an Educational Talent Search student participant:

  1. Go to your school counselor and request an application.
  2. Complete the application. Make sure all necessary fields are complete.
  3. Return the application to your school counselor.
  4. The school counselor will review the application and add your transcript.
  5. The counselor will send your application to the ETS department at CACC.
  6. Your application will be reviewed by ETS staff.
  7. If you meet all of the requirements, you will receive a letter congratulating you on becoming an Educational Talent Search student participant.



Shandra Terrell Williams, Ph.D.


Director of Educational Talent Search


Precious Smith


Project Advisor


Lakeshia Ball


Project Assistant


Teresa Hartsfield


Seminar Instructor