Brush up on Math, English, and Reading Skills

CACC is offering a FREE opportunity to brush up on Math, English, and Reading skills in order to better prepare for the Accuplacer Placement Exam.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to bypass remedial courses in Math, English, and Reading.

Many students enter their first year of college underprepared for college-level work. A majority of students end up spending their first one or two semesters taking remedial courses in order to get caught up. These courses do not count toward a degree, they do not transfer to four-year institutions, they are not covered by some scholarships, and they do not qualify for dual enrollment.

Save yourself valuable time and money by brushing up on your skills now so that you can jump into college-level coursework as soon as possible. You must determine your initial placement first to see if you qualify.

Contact Kathleen Thompson at 256-215-4332 or for more details and to see how to qualify.

High school graduates and dual enrollment students with applications on file for Fall 2018 are welcome!

Sessions start as early as June 4th. See schedule for individual locations.



Any Fall 2018 CACC applicant who has taken the Accuplacer and tested into MTH, ENG, or RDG courses below the desired level.


Two-week sessions throughout the summer. Day and evening sessions will be available. Attend as many sessions as you like.


All three CACC locations.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to speed up your entry into college-level coursework! Take your placement test soon to see if you qualify!

Brush up on Math, English, and Reading Skills

To qualify, you must satisfy BOTH of the following: You have an application on file and plan to enroll at CACC in the Fall of 2018. Dual students are welcome. You have taken the Accuplacer Placement test (only once in the last 12 months) before the first day of a session.

Sessions Available:

Alex City:



Schedule is subject to change. Check for updates.

How it works

  1. Take the Accuplacer Placement Exam.
  2. Attend any/all of the FREE Boot Camp sessions shown to the left. You must attend the first day of a session to enroll in that session.
  3. Retake the Accuplacer Placement Exam to improve your score. (Cost to retest is $8.) Testing questions? Karen Hayes: (256) 215-4270 or

You must attend at least 3 of the 4 days in any session, including the first day. Otherwise, you will be charged for the access code provided.