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CACC Machining Students finish Second at Inaugural Auburn University ICAMS competition


CACC Machining Students finish Second at Inaugural Auburn University ICAMS competition

Alex City - Central Alabama Community College students Tanner Floyd and Tristan Carisch placed second out of ten total teams at the inaugural Auburn University, Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Manufacturing Systems (ICAMS) competition. Floyd and Carisch were the only community college students who participated in the competition. The other nine teams were comprised of 31 Auburn Engineering students.

The students were tasked with designing and building a propeller for a submarine. The competition objective required the blades of the submarine propeller rotate on a shaft and the assembly be fabricated using one of the additive manufacturing processes, fused filament fabrication, using a Prusa 3D printer.

CACC Machining faculty Pat Murphy and Josh Nelson assisted as part of the four-man team. The team had to produce an assembly that consisted of a hub, a propeller that had to be 3 inches in diameter plus or minus 1/16th, and a pitch between 20-45 degrees. Their part was graded on the fit, functionality, dimensions, and appearance.

“I am so proud of Tristan (Carisch) and Tanner (Floyd) on competing in this competition and finishing second against teams of Auburn engineering students,” Jeff Lynn, president of CACC said.

“We have outstanding students here at CACC and we are training them to compete with students all over the world. I can’t say enough about the leadership of Pat Murphy and Josh Nelson. We are blessed to have the best faculty in the state, and they showed, at this competition, we can compete with anyone.

The competition was launched on August 11th with an online Q&A session and concluded on August 26th with final judging. Auburn plans to hold this competition annually with different design requirements for different applications.

“The best part of our students competing is that we discover what we are capable of, and how much more we can accomplish,” Michael Barnette, Dean of Workforce, CACC stated.

“Tristan and Tanner have shown our students we can succeed at the highest levels.”

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