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Central Alabama Community College receives an anonymous $200,000 donation


Central Alabama Community College receives an anonymous $200,000 donation

Jeff Lynn, president of Central Alabama Community College was recently notified that CACC would be the benefactor of a large donation in the amount of $200,000. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed their admiration for what CACC has done for the communities and citizens they serve.

“To say I was surprised and overjoyed would be an understatement,” Lynn stated.

“We have a great college, and I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish the past couple of years, especially with the hurdles we have all been faced with, and the unknowns we’ve dealt with on a day-to-day basis. What an honor to receive such an overwhelmingly generous gift. I am so proud that our work in the communities is being noticed, and that someone was moved to the point they wanted to show their appreciation through this gift.

The donor asked that the funds be used to help students in need, especially those who may need emergency assistance in completing their programs. Also mentioned was the desire to see the funds assist single parents and older adults who are re-entering the workforce.

CACC has recently announced several new partnerships with business and industry and expanded agreements with four-year colleges and universities to provide a smoother transition for transfer. The latest agreement being with tech giant Intel to implement an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program for workforce development.

“Our goal everyday is to be better than the day before,” Lynn mentioned.

“We want to be on the cutting edge of technology and workforce development. This will give our students the opportunity to be successful in a global market. Receiving a donation of this size will go a long way in helping our students achieve their dreams. I am forever grateful they chose CACC.”

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