For the past several years The Alabama Community College System has taken over the State House in Montgomery. On March 15th, representatives from all of the community colleges converged on Montgomery to showcase their programs and students. Each college was able to highlight and promote their programs all while meeting with fellow students and administrators from around the system. 

Central Alabama Community College was proud to have two students and several administrators and faculty on hand to represent the college: Dr. Susan Burrow, president; Dr. Sherri Taylor, Dean of Students; Brandy Mitchell, English instructor; and two college ambassadors Hope McBride from Jackson’s Gap and Erica McLain from Childersburg. 

“It was such a great day and experience being able to represent my college at ACCS Day at the State House,”  Erica McLain stated. 

“I had the opportunity to meet and chat with some senators, and it was a wonderful experience. It was a very fun day!” 

The students were able to tour the State House and see how the state government works. This was the first opportunity for both McLain and McBride to watch the Senate and House in action.

“I’ve always read about how our government operates but getting to see it really gives you a better understanding of how it all works,” McBride said.

“I think more students need to come and see our Representatives and Senators in action.

I had the most delightful time at ACCS Day and it was a great learning opportunity where I was able to meet many inspiring people. It was so fascinating seeing the State House up close and I am so grateful I was able to attend.”

The delegation from CACC was welcomed on the House floor by Representative Mark Tuggle (District 81) of Alexander City and on the Senate floor by Senator Clyde Chambliss of Prattville. Representatives Steve Hurst (District 35) of Munford and Ron Johnson (District 33) of Sylacauga met up with the students and showed them around the State House.

“We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our college and all of the wonderful programs we are able to offer to the communities we serve,” Dr. Sherri Taylor, Dean of Students mentioned.

“I love spending time with our students and Hope and Erica were outstanding representatives for CACC.”