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CACC Fall Reopening Plan

Covid-19 Updates

CACC Fall Reopening Plan

Central Alabama Community College “CACC” has prepared policies, procedures, and protocols for reopening Fall of 2020 in response to ACCS Memorandum #2020-EXE-059 and Order of the State Health Officer Suspending Certain Public Gatherings Due to Risk of Infection by Covid-19 Amended July 30, 2020.

Please see the Reopening for Fall Plan for additional information.

Reopening for Fall Plan Summary for Students

  1. Academic courses will be delivered through online and virtual formats. Face to face classes will have reduced numbers and abide by social distancing guidelines.

  2. On-site instructional delivery will take place in CTE programs where hands-on activity is required and cannot be delivered in a virtual environment. Face to face classes will have reduced numbers and abide by social distancing guidelines.

  3. When social distancing is not feasible due to simulation labs, all students and instructors will wear face coverings and follow CDC hygiene protocols.

  4. Faculty will conduct remote and/or limited on-site office hours. Meetings with students will be on campus only if there is no remote option to assist the student and must be by appointment, only.

  5. Students must sign the Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19, before being allowed on campus.

  6. College events and club and organization meetings will be held virtually and remotely. TRIO programs will also operate virtually and remotely, but students make contact their TRIO program (s) to request a face to face meeting if absolutely necessary.

  7. Library services will be delivered remotely and by appointment only if necessary.

  8. Student Services will be offered remotely. If the student’s situation cannot be resolved thought a phone call or electronically, the student may request to schedule an appointment on campus.

  9. Face coverings, social distancing,and hand sanitation measures are required on campus. Individuals will not be allowed in buildings without a face covering.

  10. Athletic practices and activities will resume fall semester. Coaches and recruits will be required to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and meet all other protocols identified by the College in the Reopening Plan. Coaches will be required to wear face coverings and follow social distancing guidelines for off campus recruiting trips. Athletic training and team participation events will resume fall semester and adhere to the guidance from ACCS and in compliance with ACCC and NJCAA.

  11. All students, faculty, staff, and guests will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and have their temperature taken with an Infrared Digital Thermometer. Individuals will receive a color coded paper bracelet to indicated that they have been cleared each day. Individuals who have COVID-19 symptoms or do not pass the screening will be directed to leave campus and be given directions on protocol.

  12. Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 are not allowed on campus and may not return to campus until the student obtains medical confirmation that he/she may return to campus and approval from Dr. Sherri Taylor, the Dean of Students.

Students who have direct exposure to COVID-19 must report this information to the Dean of Students so that protocol can be followed. Examples include but are not limited to: someone that resides in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19; your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are spending time with is diagnosed with COVID-19; your coworker is diagnosed with COVID-19.

  1. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), as amended, students with a disability that may require a reasonable accommodation should contact the ADA Coordinator for assistance. Please contact Tiffanie Character at in Alexander City or Pratts Mill and Leslie Mitchell at in Childersburg or Talladega.

CACC Fall Reopening Plan